My Life on Earth

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Here is this months challenge. My scrapbooking guru/instructor challenged us to do a layout about ourselves. At first, I did not like this idea, but the more I thought about her point, the more I got it. Her point was that many of us moms are behind the camera, not in front of it; therefore, our scrapbooks are not truly of the family. In my case they are 4/5 of the family. All of my childrens' books have many, many pictures of the Hubby because I am always taking pictures of him playing with them, but there are not pictures of me. (Not to mention, I am not fond of having my picture taken anyway) So I accepted the challenge. Maybe my children will enjoy reading the answers one day.

Here is it Whitney; two challenges in one, this months kit with the about me challenge.


Michelle said...

Good job! I'm sure your kids will appreciate your doing pages about yourself one day. I'm trying to get Beverly to do hers but she is very resistant. So, I told her I would do one for her if she didn't do it herself so maybe that will motivate her!

Loveday's Day said...

You did great. I hate doing layouts about me. I'm like you always behind the camera.