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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Man's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Little Man's 4th birthday last night. His birthday was actually Sunday, but his best friend could not come over until last night. Little Man did not care in the least that his birthday was being postponed by one day since his friend was coming over.

I thought I would share pictures with you of his birthday. They are more for Mamaw and Papaw, since they are in Canada right now, and Grandma and Grandpa, who are in Mississippi. We will see them this next weekend for Mini-Me's birthday, and they are going to take the kids back to Mississippi for the week. The hubby and I have plans to get lots done. We will see how that goes.

"Exactly what I wanted for my birthday" - the engine wash station
"Awesome" - Tidmouths Timber Yard
George the Steam roller
He got shy when we started singing Happy Birthday.
The kids playing before we ate.
Little Man trying to blow out the candles. Daddy and his friend finally had to help him.
"Train cars, I don't have these."

Awesome was the word for the night for some reason. Anyway, he had a great birthday, and lots of fun with his friend.

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