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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Remodeling Again

Well, I have started on our bathroom now. I almost forgot to take pictures yesterday. I remembered after I had the quarter round and baseboards up. I also got the vinyl flooring and glue up yesterday. I don't know that I will get anything done today. The hubby has to remove the mirror, the shelf behind the toilet,and the side splash things on the sinks, so I can do all the wall repair work first. We are trying to do it in an order in which the bathroom will be fully functioning for as much as possible.

The plan for this bathroom is to remove the big mirror, add in two really nice medicine cabinets that the hubby pick out, replace the double (cheap) sink thing with two pedestal sinks, replace the one over head light with two, one over each sink, replace the vinyl with ceramic tile, and of course repaint. The entire project was around $700.00. The medicine cabinets were the bulk of the expense ($150.00 each). I will keep you updated as the process continues.

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