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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hubby's New Car

So, the Hubby finally got a new car, well, new to him. It is a 2006 Honda Civic. We bought it from a man, Josh, who is getting ready to be moved by his company and they will give him a company car. This car is in mint condition. He used to do detailing work for Honda, so he knows how to keep a car clean.

Anyway, the point of telling this is because it shows yet again just how faithful God is. About a year or more ago, I started praying, because the hubby has been driving cars without A/C, and quite old, that God provide him with a better vehicle. We looked at cars then, and he decided he really liked the two door Civic, but we just were not ready to buy. Well the conversation came back up a couple weeks ago. So I started praying again, we will know it is okay to buy when you, being God of course, sends someone to buy the Camaro. Well, we put the word out, the same day, a guy wants the Camaro and is willing to give us what we want for it. God!!! Then the Hubby sees a Honda Civic for sale by an individual, so he calls to get the information on the car. We really like the price and it looks good from the outside. So we meet Josh to look at and drive the car. When we get done driving, we are talking to Josh, and we all see the biggest more full rainbow I have ever seen.

On the way, home I was asking God, are you trying to tell me something. When I get home, I proceed to take the sitter to church for youth group. On my way back, I asked God, if you are trying to tell me it is okay to buy this car with that rainbow, have the Hubby say something about it. Well, I proceed to sit down to look up the carfax on the car, when the Hubby says "What did you think of that rainbow?" Most would think, you bought a car based on a rainbow, but to the Hubby and I that is God telling us, yes, it is okay to spend that money, I will provide.

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Jacob said...

That's amazing Mrs. Brenda! God really does amazing things like that. I have a similar story about my truck, except not as captivating and cool as your story. Hahaha, I like this place. It's kind of like having a journal. Tiff's been telling me I should get one (a journal) just so she can read it.