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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I still don't have my computer. I think the neighbor is getting close to being down with it, so I am in the other neighbors house posting right now. Great neighbors, we will miss them.

Anyway, we still have not found a house that we both like. There has been one that we like the best out of the ones that we have looked at, but we still have several more to look through. We are going out again tonight to look at three more or so. With Kid-O and school we are not getting much done right now. I figure this weekend will be very busy looking at houses. AHHHHHH...The DVD in the van, best thing invented to entertain kids while house shopping.

I got the results back for Little Man's spinal MRI from last week. The cervical portion of his spine looks good, nothing wrong there. However, on the lumbar (lower back) portion of his spine, they were unable to rule out tethered cord. In tethered spinal cord syndrome, the lower end of the spinal cord stays attached or tethered to the base of the spine, rather than riding freely up and down the spinal canal. Since the spine grows faster than the spinal cord, this leads to increasing stress on the spinal cord as a child grows and becomes more active. If tethering happens, the cord will become tight and stretched as the child grows, leading to symptoms of nerve damage, such as weakness or numbness in the legs, back pain, and trouble controlling the bladder or bowels. Based on the not being able to rule out tethered cord, the pediatric neurologist here is now sending Little Man on to the pediatric neurosurgeon at UAB. So, we still don't really know anything, other than they could not rule out the last thing left to look for. I am praying that the neurosurgeon at UAB will be able to look at all the current images we have of Little Man up to this point and be able to say one way or the other whether it is tethered cord, without having to put him through more testing. If theydetermine it is tethered cord, then Little Man would most likely undergo surgery to untether the cord.

Thank you again for all your prayers. I ask that you continue to pray for Little Man, as we continue on this quest to find an answer. Also, please pray that they get us into UAB quickly.

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