My Life on Earth

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I still do not have an update on Little Man. I called the neurologist office today, but Doctor Limbo has not reviewed his images yet. The nurse was going to try to get her to review them today. Maybe I will know something tomorrow.

Life is a little busy right now, and not because of the holidays coming upon us quickly. As you all know, three weeks ago, the hubby and I put our house on the market to see if God really did want us to move. We believed that is what he was telling us, but we were not sure. Well, three weeks after being on the market, we accepted an offer on the house. Saturday is when we accepted the offer, so we have been busy looking for a new home to move too. However, we have know real clue where God wants to move us too. He has blessed us in a significant way through the sale of this house, so we will see. Of course I am nervous because the closing date on this house is December 19th and we have no clue where we are moving too. I am excited because we are most likely moving to a larger house. I'll keep you informed about that as well. Please keep us in your prayers over the holidays, since basically we will be homeless. We have family and friends that we will spend the holidays with, but none local. Plus through this process, Kid-O will be changing schools as well. She is excited about that though.

I still don't have my computer back. The hubby brought home a laptop from work for me to use tonight. The neighbor should be done with it is a couple of days.


Jacob said...

I'm praying for all ya'll and Jonah especially. :-) Even though I don't like it, I know ya'll moving away is for the best. Will ya'll be at celebration regularly? What would a good christmas present for mini-you, little man, and Kid-o? I want to get them some cool gifts.

Nikioliee! said...

i love you Momma B! Your the first person moving away that im actually at peace with and i dont love you any less than i did them. night gorgeous. tell papa C not to loose that post it note cuz i got a song i wanna sing one day! love you both!