My Life on Earth

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My life right now...

It has been a few days since my last post. Life has gotten really crazy right now, but it is all good because God is in control. So as you know our house sold three weeks after being on the market, well Saturday the hubby and I signed papers on a new house.
So now I am really in full mode to get this house packed up so that we can get out of this one and into the new one. The closing date for both houses is December 19th.
By the way, always compete your mortgage companies. The hubby and I have excellent credit scores, and the company our current mortgage is with is offering a interest rate that is 0.525% higher than another reputable company. That factors out to an increase in the monthly payment of $70.00, and $20,000.00 over the duration of the loan. Crazy, they must think I am not very smart. Anyway, that is my soap box.


Nikioliee! said...

yay soap! haha i'll miss you guys! i wanna help you move!

Jacob said...

When do you need some help moving?