My Life on Earth

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have not heard back on Little Man's MRI yet. I hope to hear something today. While in the machine Tuesday though, he started coughing, and they were unable to get the pictures at that time. The nurse came in a told me what was going on, so I began to pray. I also called some else to pray also. About 30 minutes later, the nurse brought Little Man back into the room. I asked if they were about to finish and get the rest of the pictures, she said yes that after they came in and told me what was happening, that he stop. This of course was no surprise to me, because my God, my Father can do anything. So that was a praise. I am just continuing to pray that God give us an answer. I will update as soon as I know.

As for the house several couples have looked at it. One couple has come back twice now and they are in process of writing up a contract offer for us to look at. Looks like God will be selling the house quick. We have only had it on the market for three weeks. Praise God.

Also, I will be computer less after the Saturday. I have a virus on my computer thanks to facebook so a man from church is going to be working on it for me. I am currently using my parents lap top since they are in for a couple of days. We will see how I do without a computer. Although, using their lap top is nice. I am coveting just a little. The hubby and I would like our next computer to be a laptop; however, right now that is just not a justifiable expense.

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