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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our House

I thought I would share pictures of our current house with you all. A friend told me a long time ago to share pictures, because I had done a good job decorating, but I never did. So I am now.

This is the front, outside of our cute little house. We like our house, but I do believe that we have out grown it.

This is the great room. I assume it is called that because it is a living room and dining room in one. It is L shaped. We like it, however, a slightly larger dining area would be nice. We have a rather large dining table because family dinner is very important to us.

The dining room. Enough said.

The small kitchen, but I like it. Everything is easy to get to and close to you. I spend a lot of time in this room of the house. In this picture you can see the new floor a little bit. I will take better pictures of the floor, maybe tomorrow, and upload them for you all to see.

This is our room.

Our bathroom, which you have seen before, because of the remodeling pictures.

Kid-O's room. All pink of course. I like it though. I am glad I don't live in it, but I thought it turned out cute when I was done with it.

Little Man and Mini-Me's room. I love the paint job in this room. I will be doing that again if God sells this house. Little Man's bed was built by daddy, Papaw, and Me. We have not gotten around to finishing the ladder, it is still rough wood. Maybe someday.

The main bathroom, which you have seen before also.

Here is the 12 x 16 barn that mostly daddy built last year. He did have help setting the foundation from Papaw, and Trooper Man helped with the roof and a few other things.

Anyway, this is our house. Hope you enjoy.

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Jacob said...

I do enjoy it, and I would like to continue enjoying it. ;-) hahaha, I'm sure your new house will be great too. I'm actually really really excited about helping ya'll move if you want me to. I was going to say I've never moved, but I have twice. I always lose stuff in moves. hahaha