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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Man Update...

I have not updated you all in a while about Little Man and what we know and don't know. First, I will recap for those that might not know what is going on. When Little Man was about two, he started limping on his right leg occasionally. Sometimes it would get to the point that he would start crawling again. He also had a few mannerisms that I did not understand, but he could not talked very well to explain. Then in February of this year, the leg thing happened again, his time he was crying in pain, so I called the doctor again, insisted that they see him and refer him on to an orthopedic doctor. He did an MRI of his leg and found nothing wrong. Well, then about a month later, when Little Man was doing all his rubbing and hitting and everything else that he does, instead of telling him to stop like I always had, I asked him why he did that. His response, "I have bugs on me and I can't get them off." This from a four year old. So I called again, insisted on see a neurologist, even though the doctor thought I was crazy, and we began a battery of test. Little Man has had blood work done (which showed he was dehydrated, so we started him on Gatorade, which helped with the fatigue and dizziness), peed in cups, MRI of his brain, and an EEG, which showed something abnormal about his heart. So we were off to the ENT to determine if the dizziness was inner ear related, which it was not, and the pediatric cardiologist. There he underwent an EKG and an Echo cardiogram. The EKG showed that Little Man has aortic stenosis, a malformation of the heart valve. (You can read all about that in post archives for August). So that gets you updated quickly. There is more to the story, if you would like to read, just go to Little Man label.

Currently, for the last couple of weeks, Little Man has been pulling on his closes and rubbing his head more than usual. His forehead pain has seemed to return as well. So Monday, I had to take Kid-O to the doctor because she was sick with strep throat. Well, right before we were leaving to go to the doctor, Little Man began to cry, "but I need to go to the doctor, they have not gotten rid of my bugs yet". Wow, talk about heart breaking. I don't really know what else to do, I can't imagine feeling as though I had bugs crawling on me all the time. At this point, because of the amount of tests we have had done, I no longer think it is anything more serious than the heart issue; however, I still want an answer. And I know that this maybe one of those things I never get an answer to, but I want to be able to tell Little Man in all honesty that we have tried everything we could. So I called the neurologist office yesterday, told them what had happened Monday. They asked many questions, and then proceeded to schedule him for an MRI of his spine for Nov 11. (Praise God for insurance, each one has cost us between $400.00 and $500.00 instead of $2000.00 to $3000.00). I tell you all this to update you, but also to ask each of you that reads this to pray for us every time you think about it, pray for a quick answer through this MRI and peace for me that if they don't find anything, that it is time to stop trying to find an answer.

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Shawna said...

Thank you for the update. We will continue to pray for Little Man and that the DRs will have more information from the MRI on the 11th. I agree...praise the Lord for insurance.