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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life...the Craziness of it...

Let's see, where to begin...

Oh, I know...two weeks ago today, I ran away from life. I loaded up the van with luggage and kids. I dropped the kids with my parents, then went to a cabin in the woods, by myself. I love the hubby dearly, but two weeks ago it was about me. Not about taking care of the kids or the hubby. It was all about taking care of myself and my relationship with God.

It's funny how God had to have me run away to be able to tell me that all the studying of His word and praying to Him, was only 2/3 of the equation. I was missing the "Be Still..." Odd since that is the verse I have in VERY large print on my dining room wall. See, I was doing the things I knew I needed to do, but yet I was still feeling empty, even though I knew God was there. Well, I was empty, because I was not being still. You all know how it is as a wife and mother. You take care of everyone else first, then if there is time, you take care of yourself. God wants us to "Be still". We just have to be obedient and do it. Even if it is only for a few minutes each day, we have to get away from life and "Be still" in God, just listen to what He is saying to us. It's amazing what you will hear when you listen.

Also, God new I needed to refresh for days, before returning to the next part of my journey. You ask...What's next? Well, the hubby is still leading music at another church. God answered four specific prayers in a very specific way through a man in a restaurant, whom I had never met and probably never will again. One pray was...Father, please show me a burning bush. I got a burning bush.

The second part of what's next...Kid-O has been passing out. We've had an EKG which came back normal. We had the EEG yesterday. Don't know the results yet. And now we are on our way back to our favorite place, UAB to a pediatric endocrinologist. What's that you ask...metabolism in a nut shell. Looks like Kid-O is having blood sugar issues. Extremely lows and extreme highs. Indicates hypoglycemic/pre-diabetes.

It's funny how God using my children to keep me focused on Him. I have no problem placing them in His hands, and asking for His leading, but I have to choose to "Be still" and listen to what He wants me to do next. Which doctor does He want me to take her too. How far do I push until someone answers the question..."Why did my daughter start passing out, all of a sudden, at the age of 10?"

Little Man is about to be 7 and already has a powerful testimony about and for God. Maybe/Prayerfully God is building Kid-O's testimony to be just as powerful.

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