My Life on Earth

Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's funny how parenting is such an emotional roller coaster. Why is it that I see my kids better than others see them? I know my children's faults and strengths, yet everyone else seems to only see the faults. Then the faults are belittled. Instead of simply correcting and focusing on the strengths, we have to belittle them. Just confused as a parent; how do you deal with what others think? How do you teach your kids that they are not a smartallic, know it all, bully? Smart, yes. Tend to be right, yes. A rough boy, yes. It's all about the motive. The approach of my child is wrong, the motive is not. He's not trying to be a disrespectful, know it all punk. He's just an almost 7 year old kid, who has not completely learned how to speak and behave. I agree he's approach is wrong, but to belittle and label him that just seems wrong to me. So how do I teach through this process?

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