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Sunday, July 24, 2011


So the Spirit of God is one of the three, from my understanding equal to God because He is God. Would that be an incorrect statement?

In the early church (new testament times) the Spirit of God would be present and the people would pray and worship until the Spirit was finished. They didn't stop. There was no time limit on preaching, teaching, praying, worshipping, etc. So my question: Why do we as Christians rush the Spirit? Why when He is moving do we decide we need to do something else?

Are we as a church afraid of the Spirit of God? Can fear be a bad thing? I think a healthy fear of God is a good thing. Proverbs states, "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom." When Moses approached Mt.Sinai to receive the ten commandments from God, God tells Moses to consecrate the people for two days and prepared them for God's appearance on the third day so they could hear God. Then God speaks through the thick cloud to Moses and the Israelites. The Israelites are scared so, they tell Moses they don't want to hear God, they want to hear Moses. Did that fear not instill in them the essence and power of the one and only Holy God? I would think that it would. Don't know I wasn't there, but it seems logical to me. Seems like the Spirit of God moving would be a powerful and awe inspiring thing.

I guess I "feel" like the church is missing something today, the moving of the Spirit, but I don't understand why? Or maybe He is not missing in all situations, but He is being asked to leave because we need to move on the the next point of worship. I know there is no good answer to my question. It's just a question.

Where is the power of God? An author in a book I am currently reading states, what if you were stranded in the desert and all you had was the Bible and you had never attended a church. You read that Bible, loved that Bible, then were saved and wanted to go to church, would your expectations be different than what you currently see, hear and feel?

Points I am currently pondering/praying about...

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