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Friday, August 6, 2010

Couponing 101...Part 10...Staplels

Staples is a wonderful store. I don't just go in there to buy because I need something, they are generally more expensive. However, that being said I get lots for stuff for very little to free in Staples by using the two different programs they have available to use. Their two programs are their "Easy Rebates" and "Staples Rewards". I will explain both of these separately.

First as for coupons, Staples accepts them. They will take MC and SC coupons. I have never tried a CC, but I also have not asked. That is always something that you can ask. They will tell you and not even get mad about it.

Secondly, if you don't have one of their store cards you have to have one to participate in their programs. It is another free card like Kroger, CVS, and RiteAid.

Now, the "Easy Rebates" (ER) is a program where you go into the store and purchase the items you want and will use that have the ER attached to them. You will pay for them out of pocket or with "Staples Rewards". After you have made your purchase, you will log in to the Staples Easy Rebate website, which is on your receipt. Set up an account so you only have to login every time after the first time and not re-enter your address, etc. Follow the instructions on the website to enter the numbers off of your receipt. The instructions are very easy to follow and very helpful. After you have enter the information, it will come up with how much money you will get back. And with the rebates, it is money. Staples will send you a check in the mail in about 4 to 6 weeks that you can take to the bank and cash. I put the money back into my grocery budget because that's where it came from the begin with. My mom saves hers as her fun money. Do what works for you.

Examples from next weeks Staples Ad for Easy Rebates:

1- Staples Multipurpose copy paper is on sale for $4.99, you will get $3.99 in rebate money back. There is a limit of 2. So you would buy 2 for $9.98 and then get $7.98 back in rebate money in the mail.
2 - Scotch Tape dispenser is on sale for $3.00. You will get $3.00 in rebate money.
3 - Post note 1 1/2" x 2" 12 pack is on sale for $5.29. You will get $5.29 back in rebate money.

So if you bought all these items at one time and submitted you rebate at one time you would spend $18.27 plus tax out of pocket, but in a few weeks you will get a check back from Staples for $16.27. Therefore, all you have paid is $2.00 for your paper and sales tax. And if you do it Sunday, no sales tax due to sales tax holiday.

Now on to the "Staples Rewards" program. This program is money back to use in Staples only. They send out the rewards once a quarter, so they build up. You don't have to do anything to get these, like the rebates were you have to submit them. I have been know to get $80.00 in rewards back to spend on ink or whatever else I need. You will know what has rewards attached to it from the sale paper as will. I'll go over next weeks in just a minute. One thing to remember with Staples is they will give you $2.00 per ink cartridge up to 10 per month back in Staples Rewards and 10% back on ink. They are also known to run specials on ink and cartridges sometimes. When they do this you will get 20% in ink rewards and $4.00 on each cartridge when purchased and return in the same transaction. This is how I manage to get a lot of rewards, because I save my cartridges and take them in when they run this special. I get a box of ink and turn in all my cartridges and get $4.00 per cartridge up to 10 and 20% on my ink purchase.

That's two ways for earn rewards, then the other is through purchases that are in the sale paper. So for next week they have a PNY 2g flash drive with rewards attached to it. So you would buy one flash drive for $9.99 and get $8.99 back in Staples rewards to use in the store. Now remember your rewards are sent out once a quarter, so you will have to wait a little while, unless it happens to be near the end of the quarter. But it's worth the wait to know you get your money back to spend in the store. So that is how I get most of my ink. When my rewards come in, I buy more ink and return cartridges and earn more rewards with my rewards. Therefore I am spending very little out of pocket for ink and paper, and other miscellaneous office supplies for around the house.

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