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Monday, May 3, 2010


So at some point life stepped in and I haven't seemed to have time for anything that I (my personal side) needs and wants to do like blogging, scrapbooking, and many days my daily study time with God's word. I get down easily and many times it is difficult to get back up.

When the hubby and I decided to move a year ago, I didn't realize it would effect my life the way it has. We knew we would be leaving the church that was our home for many reasons (not just moving), but I guess I didn't think of the ramifications of that. You do realize who your friends are and aren't when you leave a church home. We have found a new church home, and we like it. We are starting to get involved in the ministries God would have us to do. Example, the hubby is back to playing music every Sunday with special music whenever the minister asks. We will be leading a couples Sunday school class starting in June. And we will be marriage mentors for couple struggling with things we have or are currently going through. But the walls of protection are already up.

Reading "not so ordinary's" blog post, I realize have many walls I have put up to protect myself from being hurt so deeply again. We have a close connection with our new music minister and his wife because they were so deeply hurt by their previous church. They have been at Farley for nearly six years and they still only have one close set of friends, because the walls are up. But almost instantly, we have a connection because of the walls and the experiences that God allowed each of us to go through.

So as God slowly breaks that wall down, I am thankful for the few friends I still have. They are a treasure to me. I say all this because that is what's on my mind. We are challenging each other to get back to blogging, so here are my thoughts for today.

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Going Goofy said...

I'm glad you have found a church to call home and are getting involved there. I expect God will use you and hubby to accomplish great things! You are a blessing. Love ya chick!