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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couponing 101... Part 4... Publix, Kroger and Target

So here comes the real details into couponing 101. It is learning each of the stores policies. So, I am going to give you a crash course in the different stores that I use. By the way, I no longer shop at Wal-Mart. I can get just about everything we need from these stores as well as CVS and Walgreens.

I go to Wal-Mart for socks and kids underwear, that kind of thing, but that is about all. I learned almost immediately that it was not cheaper for me to shop at Wal-Mart and Sam's if I was shopping the advertised sales. Plus, even if an item is cheaper at Wal-Mart by say $.50, if I have a coupon for that item for $.50 at groceries stores my coupon will be doubled; therefore, costing the same price at either location. However, many times the Wal-Mart price is the same as the sales because they price match; therefore, you are better off at a store that will double your coupon. Wal-Mart does not double.

So, now that I am off my Wal-Mart soap box, I'll start with Publix. I love Publix because they do the buy one get one (B1G1) items. This significantly reduces the price of the things we use and need. They will except manufacturer coupons (MC), store coupons (SC), and competitor coupons (CC). Plus they double all MC up to $1.00. So if you have a $.35 coupon, you get $.70. If you have a $.50 coupon, they double it to $1.00. You're getting the idea. You can not stack MC together except in one circumstance. If the coupon (peelies) is attached to the item and you have another MC. Leave the peelie on the item, but tell the cashier it is there. You can then use your MC in hand and the peelie for the same item.

Then Publix has Publix coupons (SC). You can find these in their sale paper and also in the booklets when you walk in the doors at Publix. I bet most of you never realized there is a flyer rack when you walk in the doors at Publix. Pick those up, cut the coupons and use them. Here is the great thing, Publix will use a MC and a SC for the exact same item. For example, not that long ago Publix ran the Suave shampoo and conditioner for $1.00 a piece. Not a great price, since at Wal-Mart it is $.97, I think. This goes back to not being brand loyal also. Suave is not my favorite, but you know what, it cleans my hair just fine. Anyway, I had a $2.00 MC off of three ($2/3) and in one of their flyers they had a $1.00 off of two ($1/2). So guess what, I got three bottles of Suave for $0.00 because they will stack a MC and a SC.

It gets better though. Publix goes even one step further for their customers. Competitor coupons... This is another stores coupon that Publix will except, a Target coupon, Wal-greens, CVS, Kroger. The only requirement is that it has to be a local competitor coupon. So for me, I can't use a Food Lion coupon at my Publix. So here is the real kicker, (I'm telling you I LOVE Publix) they will stack a MC, SC, and a CC for the same item. Therefore, sometimes making a particular item a money maker. There has been occasions where I have picked up an item we will not use because it is going to make me money toward my total bill. These are some of the items that I donate.

One example, Kroger will send me coupons in the mail. Sometimes for $6.00 off of a total purchase of $60.00. Make sure that is your first coupon and you get $6.00 right off the top. Publix will also send me the $3 of $30 coupons too. You can use all of these in one transaction because they are different coupons.

Here is an example from this weeks Publix ad. Oscar Meyer shaved lunch meat is on sale for 2/$6. I have 2 $2.00 off MC, and 2 $1.00 off SC. I will stack my MC and SC and get two packages of Oscar Meyer lunch meat for FREE. Pop-tarts are B1G1, which makes them $.97 per box. I have a $1.25/3 MC. So I will get 3 boxes of Pop-tarts for $1.66 or $.55 per box.

I thought I could get all three stores into one post, but I think this is enough information for one day. I'll continue Part 4 tomorrow. I pray you all are understanding and going to put these ideas to good use.

God can and is glorified through couponing. 1) People ask how I'm doing it. 2) It gives me a witnessing opportunity about the goodness of God, because I know how He has changed us and our thoughts about money. 3) We are able to donate so much food. There have been several occassions where we have given away several hundred dollars worth of food, this includes meat. I don't tell you this to make me sound good. I tell you so you can see you can do this and that God will use it for His glory. Imagine the people God could help through you.

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