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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Couponing 101...Part 3

Where do all the coupons come from?

Answer: The short answer is the Sunday paper,,, and On these site you can usually print 2 coupons per computer. So the more computers the more coupons. We have 3 computers in our house, so it there is a great coupon out I print it 6 times. However, I DON'T print each coupon 6 times. Only the ones I know I will use before they expire. Otherwise, you are wasting ink and paper; therefore, not saving as much.

The long answer is many, many places. I get lots of coupons from facebook, of all places. Many companies will post coupons that you can print if you will "like" them. That way they get free advertising on your facebook account.

One of my other favorite places to get coupons is from The Coupon Clippers. I only use this site when there is a coupon that I want to buy lots of to stock up on particular items. Now with this site you have to pay for the coupons you order. Which I don't have a problem with. Remember the example of the 15 sticks of deodorant from yesterdays post. Well, I order some of those coupons from this site. I paid .12 cents per coupon for $2.00 off. I'll eat the .12 cent loss, because I'm still saving $1.88 per stick. The lower the value of the coupon the less it cost. The only caught with this site is you have to order a certain dollar amount. I'm wanting to say it's like $4.00 worth of coupons. It's not much though. I know my last order was $4.41 for about $50.00 in coupons before doubling. Example, I bought 6, .35 cent PAM coupons for .08 cents a piece. Publix doubled my coupon to .70 so I saved .62 cents per can. Put that with their B1G1 a few weeks ago, I got 6 cans of PAM for $.80 a can. You have to weigh out the savings versus cost to determine if it's worth it. One a the several advantages to this site is that you can pick what coupon you want and how many of them you want.

Other resources I use of personal blogs/websites. Some of the several I look at daily are Money Saving Mom, Fistful of Coupons, Mrs. Buys More and Mr. Saves a Lot, and Stretching a Buck, just to name a few. If you check these out, they link you to others. So you just have to find the few you want to check daily. These ladies link you to coupons, coupons on facebook and great deal at other stores. These ladies have done all the leg work for you. Utilize them, that's why they do it. They link you to some amazing coupons, freebies and samples. You get coupons with the samples as well.

Side note: Set up a couponing email account. Once you start seriously couponing, you will get an amazing amount of spam, so you will want a separate account to use for all the registrations for the free stuff.

Question: How much time does this take?

Answer: About thirty minutes per day.

I know this seems like a lot of time per day, but I am finding it worth the time and effort. Of course, you don't have to check these blogs everyday; however, you will likely miss great coupons if you don't. My mom and I work together. If one of us runs along a get coupon we call the other to tell them to go get it.

I keep a spreadsheet that shows all my savings. So far for this year here are my totals:

Shelf Cost: $5245.71
Coupons Used: $1472.32
Discounts: $1696.87
Rebates: $50.93
Savings: $3220.12
My Price: $2077.08
Savings Rate: 61.39%

This doesn't include the last two weeks. I have not entered my receipts yet. When you look at my total savings of $3220.12, out of pocket (OOP) of $2077.08 for a family of 5. This is an average of $520.0o for groceries and all household supplies per month. This is how you know that couponing is well worth the time.

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