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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Saturday Savings

So today, the hubby, myself and the boys went to Old Navy to see what we could get. Well, here's what we walked out with.

The Hubby got these three items: a brown jacket, a T-shirt, and the orange fleece pull over. The total for this three was approximately $65.00
For myself I got these three items: a gray hoodie jacket, a black thermal shirt, and a blue pull over hoodie totally approximately $70.00.
Kid-O got this five items: Sweet t-shirt, Music makes me happy, Minny shirt, Love t-shirt, and the booby cover. Her total was approximately $55.00.
Little Man got these three items: two long sleeve pull overs and a pair of boxers. His total was approximately $35.00.

Mini-Me didn't get lucky. They had nothing in his size.

So today's total before sales and coupons was $225.00. Now here's the fun part. Guess how much you think I paid for all these clothes. I will post in a couple of days the total of all these clothes.

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