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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coupon Update...

Well the year finished out great. Still staying in my budget every two weeks. So for this year, I am going to really challenge myself. I have decided to reduce my grocery budget from the current $300.00 every two weeks, to $200.00 every two weeks. I have been staying my by budget by around $100.oo per two weeks, give or take a little bit. We'll see how it goes. If it is too much work or we are not eating the way we like to eat, then I will increase it back up to maybe $250.00. I hoping that I can do it for $200.00. That extra every month to save would be nice. I will update as I can.

This week, I got spent a total of $103.00 which included, but not limited to 2 reams of copy paper, pens, 3 boxes of electrosal tabs, chicken, steak, pork loin, 4 gallons milk, 5 boxes au gratin potatoes, 3 6 packs yogurt, and lots of food and snack food to list a few. I forgot to take pictures. So I don't have any to show. I will try to remember to do that next week.

Remind me to update if it's been a while. Accountability will help the reduced budget work.

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