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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cardiology Check-up

Wednesday was Little Man's yearly check up with the cardiology for his Sub-aortic stenosis. As the doctor said would happen last year, the stenosis is progressing long. The blood flow through his heart is a little more hindered this year than last, but still not bad. The main concern to watch for is leakage in the heart chambers. Which there is none of to date. So, the stenosis is still mild but progressing, and there is not leakage. So what does all this mean:
No heart surgery this year, and he is cleared to play soccer. Praise God. However, Little Man will have to have heart surgery to remove the second valve, but not this year. The cardiologist wants to wait until either the stenosis requires surgery or if the heart valve starts leaking. He does not want to do the surgery too soon, due to in some cases, not all, the second valve that Little Man has grows back after the surgery, requiring surgery again. Therefore, he likes to wait, because you don't know who will have the piece grow back. Sounds good to me and the hubby. So that is the update on Little Man.

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