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Thursday, October 15, 2009

??? Balance ???

I completely agree with Going Goofy. It is difficult to find a balance between work, home, children, etc. Most of you know I started transcribing for an insurance company several months ago, to make saving for that family ski vacation that the Hubby would like to that a reality. As you can tell, no post in one month, finding a balance is nearly impossible.

If I work around the house getting things done, I'm not transcribing and falling behind. If I am transcribing, I'm not getting things done around the house. I have tried to cut back to three hours per day, but it still seems impossible to get it all done. Along with taking kids to school and preschool, doctors appointments, picking kids up, grocery shopping. Or I get done all the things I need to get done, but not the things I want to get done. Example: blogging, scrapbooking, painting, etc.

So, It is very difficult to find that balance. You don't want to let anyone down, so you try to do it all. Needless to say, I have seriously cut back on the amount of transcribing I am doing. From about 150 to 200 pages per two weeks to around 100 pages per two weeks. Which is still a lot of listening to people and typing what they say. Like you know like what I mean like. HAHA.

I have so much I want to post with no time to do it. I guess I am going to have to take another day and just marathon post as many post as I can.

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