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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Aboard

So over a year ago, my dad, Papaw gave Little Man his old Lionel Train that he got when he was about five or six. This train is about 58 years old. Anyway, the hubby and I were going to get it up in the old house, but then we decided to sell, so that never happened. As finally, the hubby has been able to find time to get the train up. I think if could about a month of working along for a couple of hours several times a week.

Anyway, this is the finish project. It looks great and the picture just does not do it justice at all because you can't see the whole room. But anyway, the train track goes all the way around Little Man's room which the bridge going across the door way at an angle. Hanging the bridge was the most difficult part, because we wanted it to look nice, but be structural sound, since the train is so old. Also figuring out how to put a fence around the train that looks nice, but yet again was functional was difficult. We needed the fence because there is no way to regulate the speed of the train, so we were concerned about derailments with a five year old, seven feet off the floor with a 58 plus year old train. Imagine that.
Anyway, here is a picture of Little Man and the hubby playing. I think they are both quite happy.

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