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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow...A Week has Passed

Wow. I did not realize a week had passed since my last post. I will post tomorrow, something funny maybe, who knows, I don't. I know that I have had an exhausting Emmaus weekend. But WOW, did the Spirit move on the men of walk number 58. Praise God. I think from Thursday night until last night I got 14 hours of sleep, yeppie. It was great. Loved every single moment of it. Will do it again and again and again, as long a God continues to ask.

I went and got the boys today up in Tennessee, met my mom halfway, stop at unclaimed baggage on my way home, got Kid-O from school, cooked dinner, went to the store, now blogging. I am exhausted and ready for bed. Maybe I will have some funny dream to share in the morning, or better yet what God tells, and shows me in the morning in his Word.

By the way, saving money on groceries is going fabulous. Potty training, well that just sinks. Go figure.

Good night.

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