My Life on Earth

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sleeping on the Job...

Have you ever fallen asleep at the worst time? In church, at work, during a meeting,


better yet on the toilet?

Well Mini-Me is not taking well to this whole potty training thing. Yesterday, he pooped in his pants again, so I went to put him on the potty. After ironing two shirts, this is what I came back too.

Notice he is holding on for dear life?

I got him off the toilet, put him on the floor, cleaned him up, all the while he was sleeping.

When he woke up, he told his Sissy, "I fall off potty." Yep, that is what he thinks happened. So I was hoping for something funny to blog, I think I got it. This is when kids are just down right fun.


Going Goofy said...

This one you will be telling to his girlfriend when he grows up!

Shawna said...

I love it!! That is too cute. And, the fact that he though he fell off the toilet is pretty funny. I agree with Going Goofy...that's one to show to a future wife. Too cute!! :)