My Life on Earth

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Fun for the Day...

Okay, you say fun. I say yes. Get this. I got all this stuff for $77.41. I saved $52.39 with coupons and advertised savings.

5 dozen eggs
2 boxes Wheat thin crackers
2 boxes Excedrin miagraine
Kotex tampons
2 Kraft cheese
Cooking Spray
Air Wick freshmatic
3 lb bag of red potatoes
Container for coupons and cards
Dawn soap

3 pasta roni
2 3x All mighty detergent
3x Gain detergent
Life Savers
1 lb carrots
3 12pks of Coca-Cola
Dried mustard
2 boxes Eggo waffles
5 boxes Johnson's soap
Pantene shampoo
Pantene conditioner
Caress Body wash
6 Breyer's yogurt
6 Yoplait yogurt
Twin pack au gratin potatoes

1 comment:

Nikioliee! said...

your basically adorable! i might need you. =/ i keep falling away.