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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days

We have had a very unusual winter for Alabama, but needless to say we have enjoyed it. First, it started with snow on Christmas day. You can't beat that. Then we got another 7 inches or so last Monday. The kids ended up being out of school for the entire week. So I thought you all might like some pictures of us having some fun on the white stuff.
We decided the best way to sled was to use the boggy board, which worked very well. Especially by day two, when our sled path had turned to a slick of ice.
Little man figured out that if we ran and jumped onto the boggy board on our knees that we would get the most speed. Oh what fun it is to...
Here's the hubby having fun too. I'm in the picture at the bottom. By the end of the two days of playing in the snow and shoveling snow so the hubby could go back to work, we were very sore. We decided this was the first time that we officially felt our age. Oh, it's all down hill from here, but man was if worth all the pain. The picture of Mini-Me didn't upload. I'll upload one of him later.

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