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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Morning

As you can tell, yet again I am way behind the times. It seems like I can't get a leg up right now. I have even stopped doing some of the things I used to do to try to keep up with the things that have to be done. Anyway, that being said, I would really like to get back to blogging. It is relaxing for me, therapeutic I might say.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. Kid-O got the purple pillow pet, that fluffy white pillow and the electrical circuit set. She is a little geek like her daddy. Although, I must say I am proud of my little geek. How many kids would ask Santa for that gift.
Mini-Me didn't ask for drums, but apparently daddy was really bad, or that's what he keeps saying anyway, because Mini-me got the drums. He also got the Sam's tube of cheeseballs from Santa, which is what he actually asked for. The hubby and I had a hard time not laughing when he asked for them.
Little man asked for a pogo stick, a webkinz, and a red robe. The kids seemed to have a great Christmas. I know they got tons of stuff, by the time you factor in Santa, mommy and daddy, mamaw and papaw, auntie, then grandma and grandpa.

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