My Life on Earth

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Young Love

So, I promised the greatest love story ever. Well, here it is. This first picture is CutiePie. A beautiful little four year old daughter of some friends of the family.

This is, of course, Little Man.

The friend's family joined our family again this year for the July 4th celebration. Little Man, and CutiePie knowing each other began to play together. They were almost inseparable and played the day away. After the fireworks, it was time to part ways for the evening. When we got back to the house, and were bathing the boys. I asked Little Man, "Do you like CutiePie?". His response, "As much as my best friend Jonathan." Well, those of you who know Little Man and Jonathan, you know that Little Man really misses his best friend. All the while, the father of CutiePie was saying good night to CutiePie and CutiePie asked, "Daddy, do we have J____'s phone number?"
Then Sunday morning comes, and Little Man comes looking for daddy to see if he has already put on his cologne. Daddy said, yes, but Little Man asked for some anyway, so daddy gave him a little cologne. Then on the way out the door, Little Man was putting on his red flip flops because they matched his clothes. Then he stopped midway through, and said, "CutiePie has already seen those, I will wear these instead." Which was his orange and black flip flops. All the while at the friend's house CutiePie was getting all dolled up for church. Including, lip gloss and body mist. The funny part is she raised her arms, and said, "Mom, do the pits too."

At the church, Little Man and CutiePie sat beside each other to eat their breakfast and then lined up to go upstairs for music time. Well, a girl was in line behind CutiePie and had her hands on CutiePie's shoulders, and Little Man happened to turn around and noticed, and he proceeded to push the girls hands off CutiePie and put his arm around her waist, as if to say she is mine. Then we all went out for lunch and of course they had to sit beside each other. Little Man ate cottage cheese because CutiePie was eating cottage cheese. It was quite humorous to watch these two four year olds. We decided that we just needed to go ahead an arrange the marriage now, since we know they each come from "good stock" and the dowry would be a Bible.

When we left Little Man last night, he was on his way back to church to see CutiePie. We understand from Mamaw that Little Man got CutiePie's number. Okay, so maybe it is not the greatest love story ever written, but you have to admit it is quite funny. We laughed ourselves to tears. I hope you enjoy this story as much as we did.