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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th, 2009

As most of you know, July 4th is our big family thing. It is great time to see the whole family, eat lots of great food, and just have a good time. So here are a bunch of pictures from the day. I am so what of the family photographer, so I took a lot of pictures, 268 to be exact. However, I am not going to show you that many, but here is quite a few. Fireworks, yeap, this is our show brought to you by cousin Jon.

Tywee and sparklers.
So, one in the knee brace would be my sister the athlete. She was had ACL reconstructive surgery twice, once on each knee. Two evenings, I think, before the 4th, back on the ball field, she tore the first repaired ACL again. Surgery is schedule for the 21st, with the use of a cadaver ACL because she has nothing left to reconstruct.

The mom-in-law. They came up from Mississippi this year. I talked my father-in-law into slow cooking the ribs for us. Yummy, about 7 - 8 hours on the grill.
Cousin Jon and the Hubby. This is the truck of fireworks, between $600 and $700. The family pulls all their money together that we would normally spend individually and end up with a show better than you could get at a city display. Cousin Jon tried to miss one year, we booed the whole show and called him and told him he was never allowed to miss again. He just knows what to buy.

The 23 great grandkids, but I guess technically they are just grandkids now days.
There's the gang. We are missing a few do to feedings, milk runs, and other toddler issues.
There's the crippled one not able to enjoy the woffle ball game.
Cousin Jon's wife and newest addition to this growing family.
Ash and dad.
Grandpa, father-in-law, Mini-Me, and the father of Little Man's woman.
Aunt Jerry, my grandmother's sister.
Mini-Me loves soda.

The girls. I get a picture similar to this every year. It will be neat to look at this pictures years down the road.

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Laurie said...

Love the firework pics, I can never capture it well on film!